Downtown Plano Arts District: Review

I recently went to the Downtown Plano Arts District with my friend Zaina, and thought I would write and share about my experience. The Downtown Plano Arts District is located in East Plano on the intersection of K Ave and 15th St. There is a railroad station for the train, a park, and lots of…

How to Dress Professionally with Hijab

It can be a struggle for many of us who wear hijab and still look professional for conferences, business presentations, and graduate school interviews. This is a blog post detailing some of the ways and styles you can incorporate your hijab with a business professional look. These are just some of my preferences – of…


I recently went to the Frisco Fair for the first time last night with my sister and my friends, and it was such a fun experience that I wanted to share so even more people make time to go next year! If you are familiar with the area, the Frisco Fair took place in Frisco…

My First 5K Color Run

I am part of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), a national prehealth honors society on campus, and we just had our first Color Run to raise money and awareness for lymphoma research! It was a 5K, but since I recently subtly fractured my fibula, I walked the 5K instead of running. I really want to get…

My 1940’s Retro Look + Edith’s Bistro Review

Yesterday, I went to Edith’s French Bistro in Plano, Texas with some friends for coffee. I thought I would create this blog post detailing my entire outfit, vintage 1940s Audrey Hepburn–inspired headscarf, and a review of Edith’s. My Outfit Details: Since Edith’s is a cute little French patisserie, I opted to craft a retro-chic outfit….


I travelled to Portland, Oregon this past weekend with friends and had an amazing time and thought I would share some of the things we did! 1) Powell’s Books Powell’s is the largest bookstore in the United States, and is a whole city block large and 4 stories high. Unfortunately, I was so caught up…

How To Style Overalls

Overalls can be a super cute, fun, throwback look if you get the colors and textures right. This blog post explains how I styled overalls this past week for a brunch with friends.


I recently went to Seattle, Washington for a school-related trip, and thought I would share some of things to do in Seattle as a first-timer!

10 Things I Learned My First Year of College

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed in college because it seems like everyone around you has their lives put together and yours is the only one that’s falling apart. That you’re the only one who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing. That you’re the only one stumbling along while everyone else has a destination in mind. In reality, I promise that nearly everyone else feels the same way as you.


Welcome to the digitized interior of my mind. I’m not quite sure how often I’ll be posting on here or what I’ll even be talking about, but it’ll probably be along the lines of art, writing, poetry, books, life, travel, thoughts, mental health, and unsolicited advice. Oh––and expect more than a healthy dose of complaining…